[MAXScript] Turbo Chamfer

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Turbo Chamfer is a MAXScript created based on my preference workflow for a hard surface modeling. Basically it helps adding a Chamfer Modifier and TurboSmooth Modifier to the stack with some custom attributes to remember your previous setting to the particular mesh.

Set your Smoothing Group as to how you would want your edges to be chamfered before using the script.

MESH CHECK functions:

  • Vert Pole: To check and select your verts that's on a hard edges and connected to more then 4 edges.
  • Edge Hard: Toggle the Display Hard Edges just to make sure you get the hard edges on the right places!
  • Face SG: To check and select all faces that doesn't have Smoothing Group assigned to them.

HIGH-POLY MESH functions:

  • Secondary Chamfer: Add a secondary micro Chamfer on top of your primary Chamfer.
  • nGon Solver: Run the nGon Solver script by Miklós Gábor's toolset, RapidTools*

TAKE NOTE: When using Turbo Chamfer, before you click Apply, Max will lock your selection so that weird thing's won't happen. You can manually unlock the selection if you want to.

Please visit my ArtStation blog, TurboSmooth ❤ Chamfer for more info and discussions!

* RapidTools not required to run TurboChamfer, it's an additional feature that can be helpful sometimes.

** 3ds Max 2017+

Also come and join the discussion at Polycount!

DISCLAIMER: The script provided as-is and each user should take their own responsibility. Please save your work often.

3 ratings
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[MAXScript] Turbo Chamfer

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